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My God, if I had a heart,
Write my hate on the ice and expect the sunrise.
I'll write on stars
A poem by blessed with a dream of Van Gogh,
Serrat a song that would be the serenade dedicherei To the moon.
Annaffierei with my tears
roses to hear
Pain of Thorns in the flesh kiss petals

If I had a little bit of life,
do not let
Go one day without telling the world that Love life
Convincerei every man who who are
My favorite
because it is happier life and vivrei
Love love.
Dimostrerei As they are wrong to think that you stop love
When ageing, without knowing that when ageing
Stop love.
To give a child wings,
but let that learns to fly alone.

For insegnerei old that death does not come with old age
But with forgetting. Many things, 'I

Um poema da minha amiga Angelina de Vicentis - Itália um misto de Inglês e Italiano

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